Esposito Gennaro


“I created the“ Gennaro Esposito Chef ”brand line in 2010 to restore the right value and dignity to one of the most important foods present in Italian kitchens and around the world, the tomato and its preserves. When we talk about tomatoes we refer to the prince of ingredients, to what a good part of Italian chefs would designate as their favorite. But if we talk about tomatoes we also find it hard to escape the rhetoric of the subject, because it is impossible, especially for those who lived and lives in the south of Italy, not to evoke black and white images of other eras, other women and others. men, other gestures and other eating habits. In this contrasting universe of sensations and memories I moved when I decided to select and sign a product that would awaken the taste memory in many but at the same time recreate it in many young and very young people who too often consume uncritically. Over the years, the line has also been enriched with some design objects that I have created myself. ”