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Available oils VILLA MANODORI:
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml
Essential Oil with Chili Pepper – 250ml
Ginger Essential Oil – 250ml
Rosemary Essential Oil – 250ml
Essential Oil with Garlic – 250ml
Lemon Essential Oil – 250ml

Available creams and preserves HEINZ BECK:
Salt capers – 140gr
Artichoke Cream in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 190gr
Old-fashioned mustard – 200gr
Dried tomatoes – 195gr
Dried Tomato Pulp – 185gr
Pulp of Taggiasca Olives – 185gr
Pitted Taggiasca Olives – 180gr
Taggiasca olives in brine – 120gr

Jams available SAN DOMENICO:
Strawberry and ginger jam – 200gr
Strawberry jam and Timut pepper – 200gr
Peach and verbena jam – 200gr
Green tomato jam – 200gr
Imola royal apricot jam – 200gr
Cherry jam – 200gr
Strawberry jam – 200gr Blackberry jam – 200gr
Saba of Sangiovese must – 200gr

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Black Pepper Essential Oil, Essential Oil with Garlic, Essential Oil with Rosemary, Ginger Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Creams and preserve - HEINZ BECK

Artichoke cream in extra virgin olive oil, Capers with salt, Dried Tomatoes Pulp, Old fashioned mustard, Seasoned Taggiasche Olives, Taggiasca olives in brine, Taggiasche Olives Pulp


Blueberry jam, Imola bella apricot jam, Peach and verbena jam, Peach jam, Strawberry and ginger jam, Strawberry and Timut pepper jam, Strawberry jam