Favola Cream


Hazelnut spread cream, made with the best Piedmontese and Sicilian hazelnuts and free of preservatives.

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Ingredients: Etna hazelnuts 23.5%, Gentile hazelnut paste 23.5%, icing sugar (granulated sugar, corn starch), hazelnut flour 15.3%, almond flour, skimmed milk powder. May contain eggs, wheat and other nuts.

Format: 200g

Energy value kJ2467/kcal593
Total Fat 41.1g
of which saturated 14.1g
Carbohydrates 47.6g
of which sugars 15.5g
Protein 8.2g
Salt 0.082g

Moreno Cedroni

Moreno Cedroni is the 2 Michelin star Chef who has brought an avant-garde spirit into Italian cuisine.
He is considered one of the most innovative Italian chefs, a true enfant terrible of the international cuisine.