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Gourmet Dressing – Dark Cherry – 250 ml
Artisan Balsamic Vinegar – 250 ml

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Gourmet Dressing – Dark Cherry
Villa Manodori Dark Cherry is yet another expression of Massimo Bottura’s extraordinary talent aimed at enhancing the best ingredients of the earth. Dark Cherry, aged in cherry wood barrels, combines the Modenese tradition with that of the precious Vignola cherries. Excellences of Emilia known in every corner of the world. Rich and viscous, just like an artisanal vinegar, but aged in dark cherry wood, Dressing Villa Manodori Dark Cherry blends perfectly with meats such as pork and duck.

Artisan Balsamic Vinegar
This balsamic is simply called ‘Artisan’.
It is a balanced and versatile vinegar created through a careful blend of various product ages that lead to the creation of this dark-colored balsamic, with an intense aroma and full-bodied consistency.
Artigianale is designed to withstand the heat of cooking without becoming bitter.
It is a sweet and not too thick condiment, with a very rich flavor, and adds particularly rich notes to sauces and marinades.

Villa Manodori

The name Villa Manodori harks back to a 16th century estate located in Modena’s countryside. Great feasts of local game were often the custom at the Estensi Estate. Their renowned aceto balsamico was served as a digestive at the end of each meal. Chef Bottura takes great pride in Modenese culinary traditions and products. He has been commited over the past twelve years to restoring the Villa Manodori Acetaia to its noble past.